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Travelling to Hawaii, halfway between tradition and modernity

The mere mention of the name Hawaii has a taste of paradise. And for good reason... Between buildings and white sandy beaches, between nature and culture, Hawaii with its multiple personalities reveals itself little by little, from one island to another. A magical and contrasting journey.



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A cultural adventure between land and sea

For Hawaii with a thousand beaches is nonetheless a land where the population, nature, and culture imprint contrasting characters on the different islands. The ocean is the first playground forvisitors, for a simple swim on the beach of Waikiki or diving, snorkelling or sea kayaking. Not to mention surfing! On the island of Maui, surfers and rollers are eagerly awaiting Jaws, one of the most impressive waves known to man, sometimes exceeding 20 meters in height.

For those who prefer the mainland, the island of Kauai, with its wild trails winding through a succession of peaks, lush jungle, sheer cliffs and spectacular waterfalls, is a hiker's paradise.

Plage Mer Surf Surfeur Hawaï Honolulu

Places to visit in Hawaii

Chill Honolulu: Capital of the Aloha Spirit

In Honolulu buildings and stores sit alongside white sand, resort hotels offer views of Polynesian dugout canoe races, and restaurants offer large burgers as much as fresh fish. There is a Florida feel to the capital's sunshine, a breath of America that's modern, frenetic and full of the pleasures of life. 

For those who love luxury and fine window shopping, it's impossible to plan a trip to Hawaii without a day of shopping in Honolulu. Take the time to stroll the city's shopping streets, where you'll find all the best stores for a night out or a day on the beach. Discover the mother city of the Aloha spirit which means living in harmony with the people and land around you, with sympathy, grace and kindness.

Cratères Volcans Hawaï Paysage

The Volcanoes national park: what panache!

On Big Island, Volcanoes National Park replaces every amusement park imaginable. On foot or by car to tour the craters, by helicopter to admire them from the sky, travelers slip into the shoes of volcanologists in search of lava flows. A rather easy show to admire on the main island since it is home to two permanently active volcanoes.

The breathtaking view from Waimea Canyon

On the island of Kauaʻi, plan to visit Waimea Canyon state park and be transported by its breathtaking scenery. Dubbed the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, these spectacular fire-red trenches were created by the erosion of the Waimea River from extreme rainfall at the island's central peak, Mount Waiʻaleʻale.


What to do in Hawaii

Visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial

Hawaii was the scene of one of the deadliest battles of World War II, the attack on Pearl Harbor. The USS Arizona Memorial in Honolulubrings this tragic event to life through unique exhibits and archival materials that attract more than two million visitors each year.

Tortue verte Océan eau turquoise

Diving with the turtles

In Kealakekua Bay, the turquoise waters of the Pacific invite scuba diving, with tanks or just fins, mask and snorkel. In this natural cove, the largest on the Big Island, the depths are the natural environment of many tropical fish and in particular the Hawaiian green turtle. If you are lucky, you may even come across some playful dolphins or swim with manta rays.

Sculpture Art traditionnel Bois Hawaï

Discover the Hawaiian culture at its core

A ticket to Hawaii is also the promise of hula shows, a traditional dance, which invites you to discover traditions. The symbolic traditional tattoos (kakau) worn by the dancers reinforce this impression of immersion in a strong cultural identity. 

Star gazing from the top of Mauna Kea

Hawaii enjoys an exceptional location for stargazing. This is one of the reasons for the Mauna Kea International Observatory, which brings together astronomers from around the world to observe space. Regularly, excursions or guided tours are organized   for a complete immersion into the magical night sky.

Practical information

Coming to Hawaii

Entry requirements in Hawaii:

Need information about entry requirements ?

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How to get to Hawaii

Going to Hawaii from Noumea

To easily get to Hawaii from Noumea, check out our Flight Noumea Hawaii page.

Average flight time: 

The shortest flight time for a Noumea Honolulu trip is 12 hours and 45 minutes with a stopover in New Zealand. This travel time may vary depending on your itinerary. Flights beyond the Aircalin network are operated by our partner airlines.

Time difference: 

It is 21 hours earlier in Honolulu, Hawaii than in Noumea, New Caledonia.

When to go to Hawaii

What is the best time to visit Hawaii?

Depending on what you want to do in Hawaii, the best times to go are: 

  • May to September when temperatures are optimal (around 30°C), winds from the sea are conducive to waves and will delight surfing enthusiasts

  • From November to March with milder temperatures (around 25°C), the islands are more suitable for those who want to enjoy sunny beaches in cooler conditions.

Hotels in Hawaii


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