Our policy

The company's commitment aims to facilitate the implementation of a project, event, or action in the form of logistical support or transportation assistance. Our policy does not provide for a financial cash contribution and is not akin to patronage.

Partners are then associated with the company's values, the promotion of its products and services, or even the promotion of the New Caledonia destination.

Aircalin supports actions in fields as varied as sports, culture and arts, sustainable development, social and charitable actions, most often with an international reach.

Certain categories of projects are excluded from Aircalin's partnership policy:

  • projects that clash with the Company’s values or present a risk to its public image
  • projects of a political or religious nature
  • projects related to dangerous activities,  or forbidden by the law
  • private or personal initiatives. 


Your objectives when partnering with Aircalin

  • Enhance the Aircalin brand and increase its visibility
  • Embody and strengthen the company's positioning
  • Contribute to understanding the company's activity and its challenges
  • Contribute to the development of socio-economic exchanges between countries in the Aircalin network
  • Strengthen the pride of the Caledonians for their company
  • Enhance the Aircalin employer brand
  • Foster a sense of belonging among its employees


Our evaluation criteria

Each partnership request is thoroughly studied. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the criteria analyzed:

  • Adherence to Aircalin's partnership policy
  • Consistency with the company's values and image
  • International dimension and promotion of the New Caledonia destination
  • Anticipation of the request based on the availability of the Aircalin teams
  • Benefits offered to the company: visibility, marketing actions, commercial feedback, freebies or advantages


Send us a request

Does your project align with our values and meet the criteria mentioned above? Would you like to submit a partnership request?

You can send us a descriptive letter of your project along with the partnership request form below to the email address: partenariats@aircalin.nc

➜ Dowload our partnership request form

➜ Download the Aircalin partnership charter

Each request will be studied. Aircalin will provide you with a response as soon as possible.

Please note: to best fulfill your transportation assistance request, the filled-out form must be sent at least 3 months before the event date, along with your partnership request. If this deadline is not met, the company may not always be able to offer transportation assistance.


Our main sponsorship

Supporting more than fifty projects or events, Aircalin thanks its main partners.

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