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Traveling to Australia, a captivating island continent

A continental country. Captivating. Endearing. And which crystallizes all the desires of travel. Between the red desert of Uluru, the suburbs of Sydney, the coral reef or Tasmania,, Australia will not leave anyone indifferent. Get ready  for a sublime adventure!



Australie Montagne Uluru

A country in perpetual motion, immersed in the heart of the aboriginal culture

Australia is always on the move, easy to access and everything has been thought of to welcome visitors in the middle of nature or  in one of its coastal cities. Sydney and Melbourne have been ranked among the ten most liveable cities in the world, followed by Brisbane

The continent-island is a successful nation where spectacular and generous nature finds its place in a coastal urban development. Its amazing and unique Aboriginal culture makes Australia the second cradle of humanity, where some of  the oldest geological traces can be found. Here nature has evolved into a fantasy of odd and wonderful plants and animals. Let your steps guide you through those extreme and unexplored lands, for a grandiose adventure.

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Outstanding cities to visit and experience 

From coast to coast, Australian cities offer a diversity of urban atmospheres, landscapes and adventures . Each one of them is so different in essence that it deserves to be visited at least once.

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What to visit in Brisbane

Take advantage of a Noumea Brisbane flight to immerse yourself in a city of water and nature adorned with many beautiful parks and gardens. With the Brisbane river flowing through its urban landscape  , Queensland's flagship city has come out on top in this benevolent contest for Australia's most attractive city along with Melbourne and Sydney. 

The Gold Coast

Located just south of Brisbane, escape on a road trip to the Gold Coast, along long stretches of sand where you'll come across some of the country's best surfing spots, unspoilt wildlife areas and the most beautiful scenery on the east coast. For surfing enthusiasts, the spots at Byron Bay, in the south, and Noosa, further north, will be must-sees on your trip. 

South Bank

Walk or cycle through South Bank's downtown gardens and mingle with locals who have come to relax along the man-made lagoon. In the evening, enjoy a seat at a restaurant and go out to one of the many bars in the area. 

Sydney Opéra Paysage Bateaux Ciel Bleu

What to visit in Sydney in three days

It's shimmering like a diamond facing the sun. Sydney is a magnetic city beyond comparison. A unique and fascinating city with magnificent landscapes. Don't delay in discovering its bewitching charms. When planning your itinerary, allow at least three days to visit Sydney and its most beautiful neighbourhoods.

The Royal Botanic Gardens 

Sydney's Royal Botanic Garden is a sublime 30-hectare botanical garden in which more than 5,000 species of plants and many of Australia's endemic living species can be seen as you wander through these protected areas.

Vue aérienne Paysage Sydney Opéra City

Darling Harbour

Sydney's Darling Harbour harmoniously combines History and cultural dynamism with its  Maritime History Museum  where you can visit  vintage ships . Darling harbour also boasts many waterfront restaurants and bars, ideal for a drink after dark. 

Bondi Beach Sydney Plage Sable

Bondi Beach

Very easily accessible from central Sydney, Bondi Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Australia. When you go there, it's easy to see why this sandy beach has made it into Australia's national heritage list. Be charmed by the view and the sweep of the surfers or by the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition held from October to November every year.

Sydney Opéra Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Opera House

It's impossible to talk about Sydney without mentioning the landmark that has made the city internationally famous: the Sydney Opera House. Join the tourists for a photo in front of the building or take advantage of the opening hours to visit its exceptional structure from the inside. Every year, the whole of Circular Quay is sublimated by illuminations such as those of the Vivid Festival, an artistic event full of sounds and lights, or those of the New Year's Eve fireworks.

Melbourne city night bridge

What to visit in Melbourne

It is ranked as one of the most pleasant cities in the world, one of the greenest thanks to its abundant parks and leafy gardens. Melbourne is a city that has everything you need for a fun, artistic and magical stay. Get set for a wonderful time in the heart of Australian elegance.

Laneway Art

Street art in Melbourne

While all Australian cities are recognized in the art world, Melbourne is known as one of the world's street art capitals, and residents are encouraged to participate in urban creative expression. Hosier Street, Rutledge Street and Centre Place are some of the most colorful places, creating some of the best outdoor galleries in the city. So take the time to enjoy these massive open-air murals.

The Queen Victoria Market 

Having opened its doors in 1878, the Queen Victoria Market is Australia's must-see place to discover the thousand and one flavours this country has to offer. It welcomes nearly 10 million visitors each year, locals and foreigners who come here to seek the best products from Australian producers

Perth vue panoramique

What to visit in Perth

With over 2 million inhabitants, the capital of the state of Western Australia welcomes you between city and nature to discover its charms. Despite being one of the most isolated cities in the world due to its geographical location, it welcomes nearly 5 million visitors from Australia and beyond every year.

Kings Park

Perth combines both large urban complexes and green spaces. Wiith over 400 hectares of parks in the middle of the city, take time to stroll through and sip a cool drink before heading back to the city's harbor. 

Perth Nui Lumières Ville Building

The City of Fremantle

Just south of the city, visit the tourist town of Fremantle. Remaining from the days of the British Empire, this town still has the colonial buildings of the era. Explore its market and the museums that trace its history to relive the entire history of the city. 

What to visit in Canberra

Australia's capital and seat of the Australian government, Canberra is a great city to live in. With one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and a fairly high standard of living, the city has attracted many young Australians who have come to take advantage of its vibrancy. It will also delight tourists who come to admire its museums and monuments


The museums of Canberra

The city of Canberra gives pride of place to museums that trace the history of the country.The Australian War Museum hosts the national memorial that pays tribute to the Australian armed troops who were involved in the major world conflicts. The National Gallery of Australia displays more than 166,000 works by national and international artists, ranging from Aboriginal relics to sculptures by Rodin


The Botanic Gardens

Australia's National Botanic Gardens allow you to experience some of Australia's rich ecosystem. A study ground for the government and scientists from around the world, the gardens are home to many endangered plant species throughout  the 90-hectare gardens in various locations in Canberra.

Practical information

Coming to Australia

Entry requirements in Australia:

Need information about the entry conditions in Australia?

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Australia map

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How to get to Australia

Going to Australia from Noumea

To easily reach Australia from Noumea, check out our Flight Noumea Sydney, Noumea Brisbane pages.

Average flight time :

You can fly from Noumea to Brisbane direct in  less than 2 hours. Travel time may vary depending on your itinerary. 

Time difference :

It is 1 hour earlier in Brisbane, Australia than in Noumea, New Caledonia.

When to go to Australia

When is the best time to visit Australia?

Thanks to its different weather zones, Australia can be visited all year round: 

  • Summer (December-February): is a great time to visit  southern Australia, which enjoys ideal temperatures this season. 

  • Spring (September-November): Is the ideal season for visiting Australia , it is also the peak time for tourism so booking early is recommended. .

  • Autumn (March-May): Temperatures are reasonable across Australia. This is a good time to explore the Outback and northern Australia as well as the southern regions.

  • Winter (June-August): is the ideal season to travel the North and Centre of the country without suffering from the heat.

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