The service

Our online service allows you to choose your Preferred Seat or your Seat Comfort Plus. Be sure to book in advance to enjoy a wide choice and guarantee your travel experience in the best conditions.

Our seat comfort plus

Those seats offer extra legroom but,  when located on a emergency exit,  they are not accessible to travellers:

  • be at least 12 years old
  • Travelling with an infant
  • With reduced mobility
  • Requiring assistance
  • Whose body weight could prevent them from moving quickly
  • Who are pregnant
  • Who cannot understand French nor English

Aircalin reserves the right to reassign passengers to another seat at any time, at the airport or on board, if the accessibility requirements for the exit row seating are not fully complied with.

Our preferred seats

Located in the front of the Economy cabin, you’ll be among the first to disembark from the aircraft and gain a precious time regarding arrival procedures.

On board A330


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On board A320

Plan A320

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Fare and booking

Route Preferred seats Comfort plus seats
Auckland, Sydney, Brisbane, Port-Vila, Wallis 3 000 XPF
(25 EUR)
4 000 XPF
(34 EUR)
Tokyo, Singapore,Papeete 5 000 XPF
(42 EUR)
7 000 XPF
(59 EUR)

*For every country of origin, these rates will be calculated according to the current daily exchange rate at the date of departure

This service is accessible online at the time of booking, until 30 hours before departure, and is subject to availability.

How to book a Seat Plus:

  1. Access your online booking through Aircalin website « Manage my booking »
  2. Click on « Modify » on the top right header for « Specific Demands ».
  3. Select a passenger.
  4. Choose your seat on the cabin map among available ones.
  5. Proceed to payment.

Aircalin may be required for operational reasons related to security and/or safety measures, or operational irregularities to modify Seat assignments, even after boarding.

The conditions

Seat Plus is only available on the Aircalin network on Aircalin aircrafts.

  • The transfer of the service to another date on the same itinerary is available at no extra charge (if the flight is eligible). If the service cannot be transferred to the new flight, (a ineligible flight or unavailable seats), the service will not be refunded.
  • Prices shown are valid from 06/17/2013 and are subject to modification.
  • Pre-booking of a Seat Plus depends on the global availability regarding booked seats.
  • Located next to the emergency exits, those seats provide you extra legroom. For security reasons, Seat Comfort Plus is not accessible to:
    • children (aged under 15) travelling alone or not
    • passengers who cannot understand security instructions given in English or French
    • passengers who do not meet the physical requirements (passengers with reduced mobility, elderly passengers...) and cannot assist with emergency procedures if needed
    • pregnant women
    • passengers whose body mass would restrict access to an emergency exit
    • passengers travelling with a pet in the cabin
  • The company reserves the right to re allocate a passenger to another seat if if these security requirements are not met even after boarding and seat assignment.
  • Passengers wanting to seat next to each other but made separate individual bookings will need to book their Seat Plus individually. For confidentiality reasons, Aircalin cannot reveal the seat selected by other passengers on other bookings. 
  • Seat Plus pre-booking is entitled to one passenger and cannot be transferred to another person.
  • Seat Plus pre-booking is not refundable, unless :
    • Aircalin modify seat assignment for safety/security or operational reasons, even after boarding, and cannot re-seat on an equivalent seat.
    • In case of operational re-shift and Aircalin cannot provide you an equivalent seat on the new scheduled flight
    • Aircalin modify your flight and book you on a flight non-operated by Aircalin
    • Pre-booking of a Seat Plus is non-refundable if we upgraded you in a superior cabin for operational or safety reasons.
  • Reimbursement conditions for a Seat Plus are different from the flight ticket.
  • In case of an aircraft switch, Aircalin will do its best to book you on the same or equivalent Seat Plus, according to the new availability. In this case, passengers won’t be informed before check-in but would be able to verify the reserved seat on their online booking.
  • Passengers are still required to check-in before departure. This service is available on or at the airport.
  • Passengers with specific needs will have to contact our booking center directly so our staff could assign them an appropriate seat.
  • Pre-booking of a Seat Plus cannot be fully guaranteed for obvious safety/security/operational irregularities reasons, even after boarding.
  • The transfer of the service on another date and on the same route is authorized free of charge (if the flight is eligible). If the service cannot be renewed on the new flight, (not eligible flight or unavailable seat), this one is not refundable.

The pre-booking of a Seat Plus cannot be guaranteed because they can be modified for operational or security reasons, even after boarding.