The Service

Natur Action

One of our four sustainable development commitments is to contribute to the preservation and protection of biodiversity in New Caledonia.

You can choose to support projects for the regeneration of New Caledonian biodiversity by completing your trip with the environmental contribution.

Aircalin will match your donation and transfer the funds* collected to naturAction NC whose mission is to propose, co-finance, implement and follow these actions. With your donations and Aircalin's support, naturAction NC will select and provide financial support to projects. These projects are committed to achieving tangible results quickly using proven methodologies.

➜ Our commitments to sustainable development

* up to 5 million XPF per year.

Price and conditions

Routes One-Way Fares
Auckland, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Wallis, Nandi, and Port-Vila Economy 500 XPF (4 EUR)
Premium Economy 750 (6 EUR)
Sydney Business 1500 (12 EUR)
Tokyo, Singapore, and Papeete Economy 1500 (12 EUR)
Premium Economy 2250 (19 EUR)
Business 4500 (38 EUR)


•    The service is only available on Aircalin operating flights

•    The service is available during your online booking or up to 3 hours before departure by accessing your reservation
•    The rates indicated are valid as of August 1, 2023, and are subject to change.
•    This service is non-refundable and non-modifiable.