Temple d'Hanoi

Hanoi, a city full of richness

The capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is a mixture of influences from South-East Asia, China and France. It is a thousand-year-old city on the western bank of the Red River.

Famous for its multi-century-old architecture and rich culture, Hanoi will surprise you as there is so much to discover.

Vendeur de rue

Fall under the spell of Hanoi

Hanoi is a unique city unlike any other in Asia. Dynamic and hectic, move between the millions of motorbikes and the street vendors who turn their bikes into fruit and vegetable stalls. Hanoi stands out for its authenticity.

Among the places not to be missed during your stay, don't miss a visit to the old centre of Hanoi, which will seduce you with its atypical architecture. You will be able to buy all sorts of medicinal plant products as well as many souvenir gifts. It is also the best place to get fresh fish.

Soupe pho - Hanoi

A Vietnamese specialty

Renowned throughout the world for its authentic flavours, Vietnamese cuisine is known for the variety of its products and flavours, subtly enhanced by a multitude of aromatic herbs and spices.

Pho occupies a special place in Vietnamese cuisine. It is a soup made from beef broth, strips of meat and flavoured noodles, all decorated with various spices such as coriander, cinnamon, ginger or cardamom. You can find them everywhere in the capital.

Temple Hanoi Culture Architecture

Discover the architecture, arts and history of Vietnam

Hanoi has some of the most beautiful and interesting museums in Southeast Asia.

During your stay, be sure to visit the city's many temples and museums. Among them, let yourself be seduced by the Hanoi Fine Arts Museum, a must for art lovers and for all those interested in the history of Vietnamese society.

Practical information

Coming to Hanoi

Entry requirements in Hanoi, Vietnam:

Need information about entry requirements in Vietnam?

Check the link below:

➜ Vietnam entry requirements

Map of Hanoi


How to get to Hanoi

Flying to Hanoi from Noumea

To easily reach Hanoi from Noumea, book a flight directly on our search engine.

Average flight time 

The shortest flight time from Noumea to Hanoi is less than 16 hours and 10 minutes. This travel time may vary depending on your itinerary.

Time difference 

It is 4 hours later in Noumea, New Caledonia, than in Hanoi, Vietnam.

When to go to Hanoi

When is the best time to visit Hanoi?

Vietnam, due to its geographical location, has a tropical and subtropical climate. Depending on what you want to do in Hanoi, the best times to visit are: 

  • March-April and September to November. The best time to go to Hanoi and North East Vietnam is from September to November: the climate is pleasant and not very humid.

  • If you prefer warm and sunny days, March to April is the best time for outdoor walks.

Hotels in Hanoi


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